Wedding Photography Stories: From Photos of Homes for Sale in Oxford, AL to Wedding Photos

A month and a half before my friend’s wedding day, a task was delegated to me. It was the kind of task where I get to email professional photographers and meet them to personally browse through their portfolios.

The bride-to-be who was known to be very shrewd and detail-oriented knew exactly who to look for when it comes to wedding photography. She told me to contact the studio that had a long time reputation of having a team with seasoned photographers known for their artistry and professionalism.

I had the chance to meet one of the master photographers in the studio whom I bet had the same age with my father and was the oldest among the artists who worked there. He had a fun personality which I thought would be an asset in the wedding scenes. He showed me some of his personal works and I was amazed by his creativity and composition skills.

I could tell that the master photographer liked engaging in conversations. As I began asking a question about how long he had been in this creative pursuit, he was lead to share stories about his career life. He used to work in a bank but he did not want to spend half of his life sitting in one corner and counting other people’s money. The biggest decision in his life came when he saw lots of stiff and uncreative pictures of his friends’ weddings. He believed he can do a lot better than those photos. So he left his monotonous job and hopped into many workshops on photography to master everything about this art.

He had worked as a freelance photographer taking all kinds of work deals. He once did a considerable amount of work for real estate companies in Oxford, Al, photographing homes to be published on ads. He also worked with insurance companies providing proofs of accident scenes through pictures. But he found his niche in weddings and decided to specialize in wedding photography.

The skeptics in the form of few family members and friends made him feel that working in a bank was better than taking pictures as a means for living. They said that it was not a wise career choice because the work can be demanding and the pay can be low. But they had no idea how much joy this career had brought him. It may sound so cliché but the reason of his success was because he’s been enslaved by his passion.

His skills and talent had widened his world. He got the opportunity to travel to many places when couples would decide to do out-of-town location shoots. Getting into new places and witnessing great things about the places had made him to love his job more. It has become a way to enrich his personal life because of the fun and unique experiences.

I could not imagine myself doing such a thing of leaving the safer harbor to follow my passion. But the seasoned photographer just did it and I left the studio feeling free from my insecurities and fears of following my dreams.

If you have the same dream – to become a wedding photographer despite currently having a different career path, here are a few tips you can watch and perhaps apply, should you ever decide to pursue photography:

Author: Peter Garr

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