Beauty of Owning An iPhone In A Wedding

Wedding Photos Using iPhone

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Our world now seems to be drowning in images, from the most mundane moments to visual storytelling in weddings. A phone camera has become indispensable for everyone. I am guilty on this one. I have my iPhone in my hand before I take my sugar-filled breakfast, drink my cappuccino or while I watch the sunset. I love collecting moments and capturing the spontaneity of daily life. I also took fine arts courses back in the day and I believe that art can come from any medium, even from a camera phone. I am thankful for this modern day mobile technology that allows me to live with it and never miss a thing.

One of my favorite subjects is weddings. Just recently, I took a break from the usual DSLR cameras. Instead, I took many photographs using my iPhone during my sister’s wedding. She hired another professional photographer to document the entire wedding because she wants me to focus and enjoy the event, and not to work during the entire celebration. Still, I wanted to capture the spontaneity of her wedding day, so I used my recently unlocked iPhone (visit this site) and processed through Instagram and VSCO. She just wanted to have photos of her wedding in squares. It is undeniably for the purpose of sheer fun and excitement. She was blown away when she saw the shots transformed to beautiful vintage photos. They are really worth keeping. I realized that my iPhone has the ability to frame a shot and produce a photo quality that could come close to matching of an SLR.

Wedding Ideas With iPhone

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Some photographers tried to explore such alternative medium to shot weddings because maybe of their appreciation to the technology’s simplicity. They need not to haul extra equipment and deal with complex features and buttons to shoot quality pictures.

A phone camera has also its share of limitations. A photographer with creative vision with all the know-hows of composing shots needs to have the right tools and know the phone’s capacity to help him create awesome results. The phone doesn’t work in low-light situations. It’s better if the wedding is outdoors. Natural light is the best light source. In bringing up the pictures into a good aesthetics level, find excellent apps and tools helpful in creating beautiful effects, making exposure adjustments or cropping. I use Instagram to filter most of my photos and I experiment with the filters to achieve the desired feel of the images. Another thing is to bring along extra batteries, memory cards, and even pack a second camera to make sure you never miss a perfect moment. As any photographer will tell you, the most important thing is to arrive prepared.

Photo Quality of an iPhone

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There are good reasons why you might want to shoot a wedding with your iPhone. The iPhone camera is perfect for more casual shoots and for documenting the sentimental details of the wedding. I like its ability to capture, quickly edit and share or keep the perfect mementos. The nice thing also about using a phone instead of the big camera, is that fewer people will notice you taking photos, so it would be easier to get candid shots. It’s your best companion if you want a wedding vibe that’s simple, fun and artistic. So, as what any photographer says, the best camera is the one that’s with you.

Author: Peter Garr

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