My Model Today is an Expert about Comprehensive Car Insurance Comparison

Read The Story To Know Why I Consider This Model To Be An Expert About Comprehensive Car Insurance Comparison

Today during my picture taking adventures in a park, I’ve notice a young lady who was actually very easy on the eyes. She has beautiful lavishing lips, like just by looking at it through my camera I had the urge to just touch them. Overall this woman would be the perfect victim for my shots.

What I did was to slowly take pictures of her surrounding to keep it safe and just let her feel that I’m no maniac taking pictures of ladies just for my own pleasure. I was actually seeking attention so that she would actually glance at me, then I would have the courage to ask her to be a model for a day so it wouldn’t be too surprising just to ask her without even noticing me.

Fortunately there were some good looking expensive cars parked around the park, allowing me to act like a pro at taking pictures of it. To my great surprise she actually stood up and came near me, asking why I took pictures of those cars like as if I did something very wrong. I was speechless as she asked it in a very confronting way, straightforward without a single smile.

I asked for apologies because I was quite shocked and didn’t know how to even respond, and as you know, I don’t want to make a bad impression because I wanted to ask her to be a model just for a couple of photo shoots.

After I told her that I’m sorry and that I was just taking pictures because it’s my passion, she then laughed. I find it very weird because there was a sudden change of character. She was actually thankful because it was her car that I was taking pictures. I was surprised as to how someone that young would own a very expensive car so I asked everything about how she was able to actually get that.

My Model Today is an Expert about Comprehensive Car Insurance Comparison

She explained that she was actually into business and luckily it was successful, her business is all about compare car insurance in Australia, I was really amazed and she just said that sometimes it is just about luck when it comes to venturing into business. Well everything that she said did make sense but it just hard to believe someone so beautiful and young can be very business oriented as well. A perfect package!

After that I actually became quite confident that we are now well acquainted I just asked her to be a model for my picture taking and happy to say, she agreed. I took a photo of her and her car, then she also told me that there is just a little favor she wanted to ask, and that is to advertise her partly owned comprehensive car insurance comparison company that is Aussie Insurance Critic. So that is why the websites name is actually mentioned on this very blog right here.

So I actually took a look at it and found it was very promising, I also had some noteworthy sites that I checked that could be of help.

Company no. 5799376




Author: Peter Garr

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