Technology: Changing Lives, Educating People

I just recently heard the most amazing story ever and I would like to share this so that people will realize how it’s very possible to succeed in this life, as long as you have the determination to do so.

Maria used to be a nanny for one Mrs. Scott, a client of mine. I was a photographer at their wedding and Mrs. Scott was a very kind client.

Maria had hopes of finishing school in her early days, but she was not able to do so because she needed to work for herself and her family.

It was a total blessing that she had the chance to work with the Scott family. While she was with the family, she took care of Liam, Mrs. Scott’s 15 year old son. He was a shy and kind boy, and he was specially gifted, so her nanny duties were not so difficult. But when it comes to the boy’s home works, she can’t provide the boy the right kind of help because she did not really have proper education. She can read and write and she can understand and she is actually street smart. But that time, she knows little of a lot of things. It was actually Liam that taught him a little of what he can teach her. The main thing that Maria got to learn was how to use a computer and the internet.

Liam showed Maria how you can search the answer to almost anything with the help of a computer and the internet. Liam proved it to her by asking her what she wants to know.

She asked how she can earn enough money to save up and go back to school.

Liam showed her how to use the computer and together they read about a lot of tips and tricks on how to save up money, or how to go to school, and the option of home or online schooling.

Since then, Maria would ask permission from Liam to use the computer whenever he was not using it and she was done with her nanny duties. From that moment on, Maria started to educate herself with as much information as she could muster. She would search about Basic English grammar since English isn’t her first language. She searched whatever it is she wants to learn for the day and she reads and understand it. Liam also helped out at times by giving her something she could search for, like the planets, global warming, taking care of a broken wrist, crocheting, and so much more.

This passion for learning did not escape the eyes of Mrs. Scott. After years of serving the family, Mrs. Scott gave her the chance to study an online course of her choice.

Maria has gone far from that point in her life, all thanks to the Scott family. Right now, Maria is one of the best Panama City SEO experts, because she had decided to learn about computers and the Internet, since it was through this device that she got a second chance to learn and live a successful life, despite her earlier circumstances in life.

She is still connected with the family that gave her the doors to this new life, and she handles the online SEO for the Scott family’s business.

A story like this is an inspiration to everyone. It also showed how much technology could give someone and how it has changed lives for the better.

Author: Peter Garr

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