Home Problems Part 2: Dangers of Water Damage and Why Couples Should Prevent It

Image Credit: thisoldhouse.com

Image Credit: thisoldhouse.com

People are not normally aware that there is health danger to areas where water has been staying longer than it naturally should. This usually means areas where water should not have been in, in the first place. Aside from perils of hosting insects and bacteria that thrive in water, it could also weaken materials such as wood, when the water exposure has been too long and no repairs and precautions were done to address it.

It is this ignorance to the dangers of water damage that got Alfred, our neighbor and a client for one of my wedding photography gigs, caught up in different illnesses and infections. His house has been worn down because of the many times that it was exposed to too much water, mostly because of the faulty pipe line that his house is built in.

He did not attend to the problem because he claims that it was just water and it was something that even the body is made of. He said that it would do him no harm. He was also very proud that he never gets sick easily.

So his house slowly degraded and spot after spot in it slowly underwent discoloration then it became brittle than a little shake and little tap on the walls and little debris would start falling. Termites also began to grow and that made the walls even more brittle. Then, molds also started showing up. The house began to be a complete mess and no matter how many times Alfred went about cleaning up after it all, yet he reached no improvement.

He tried to fix the plumbing problems too, so that he can stop the water leaks from continuing. However, he does not even know a thing about plumbing, except on what the Internet tells him. Hence, his attempts at fixing the plumbing lines were futile.

Then he started getting sick. He had rashes all around his body, and he coughed all the time because of the dust and debris. He also got infected by a virus that was caused by a bacteria that thrives in damp places.

This was when I stepped in. I was his neighbor and I don’t want the problem to reach the entire neighborhood. I talked with him and asked him to contact an Oxford AL plumbing company to fix his plumbing problems, so that the cause of the decay will be addressed. I told him he has to let professionals handle it, since his attempts have resulted to nothing.

It was great that he took my advice because the next day I saw the service truck of the plumbing company, parked in front of Alfred’s house. Because the problem has reached full swing and it was in a lot of areas of the house, the work lasted for two days. Still, that was pretty fast considering the many areas they had to cover and restore.

While Alfred’s house recovered, Alfred himself has been given medication and was strongly recommended to make sure that he lives in a cleaner and safer environment so that he could easily gain back the energy and nutrients that he has lost to the virus.

Author: Peter Garr

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