Married Couple Stories: Home Problems

Since I handle photography shoots for weddings, and I have been doing it for quite some time now, it is no shock that my circle of married friends have greatly expanded.

I continue to keep in touch with my clients not just because I want to always be on their radar so that they can recommend me to their marrying friends, but also because friendships just naturally develop.

As a result, even when I am still single, I kind of know a lot about living the married life, especially when it comes to home problems.

My clients/friends have shared to me various incidents in their life, now that they are married couples already. One particular story is about how their new home got badly damaged by flood, and how it was a very devastating moment in their early stages of marriage, because it happened just a week after their wedding day.

They still had fresh jitters from all the happy moments of the wedding day, and they are still getting used to the husband and wife dance, when such a terrible thing happened.

As they tell me about how damaging it was to their home and their happiness, and of course, towards their pockets, they also made me double check on water damage causes so that I could prevent their mishap from happening to me.

As I searched around the internet for answers to help me and my friends get over this sad and “dirty” phase in our lives, I came across these “must-know” things about what causes water damage.

There are a lot of natural and unnatural causes for water to accumulate in an area of your house and damage it. Some of the causes are:

Plumbing problems – one of the most common reasons is a faulty plumbing system. This is obviously because the plumbing system mainly deals with the water flow in the household, thus, any fault in it would mean an increase exposure of water on areas of the homes that should not be filled with water. Bursting pipes and leaking pipes are also very common sources of water that end up damaging household areas and properties. Knowing this, you must make certain that you have a great plumbing system and that your pipes and joints are made from great quality so that leaking and other possible fiascos are lessened.

Appliances – this concerns appliances that use or produce water or moisture. When these types of appliances fail to work properly for various reasons like old age, rusts, cracks, amongst other reasons, then the possibility of water damage in your home is heightened. These appliances include those like washing machines, dish washers, refrigerator, air conditioning systems, and a lot more of both basic and complicated appliances. To avoid this from happening, refrain from using appliances that are already beyond their working capacity or years.

Natural water problems – weather related issues and natural disasters more often than not, spell great water damage for anybody’s home. Hard rain, snow, storms, and other natural calamities, always tend to involve exposing the house in great amounts of water. Worst of it all would be flood. That is why it is best to be located in a place where flood is not something that happens ever too often, and have your house built with materials that are able to withstand great storms and other calamities. This way, you can lessen the damage of these natural disasters on your home, thus protecting your family from any form of harm or danger.

Water damage should be addressed quickly because when it is left to continue, not only will your house become weaker because of the damage, it could also pose serious threats to the health of your family. Water is known to be a great host for viruses and bacteria and when you have a home filled with areas of water, then chances are, you are also increasing the dirt count in your home.

Having found out about all of these, I also decided to ask my friend for the service crew that helped them clean up the mess that water damage caused them. They gladly gave me the company that they chose from the many flood cleanup companies available, because they were very satisfied with this particular company’s performance.

I have their contacts ready in my book of emergency contacts. We will never know when the day would come for us to need it, but when I will, at the very least, I have a company I can readily call out to for help.


Author: Peter Garr

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