Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Image Credit: theweeklings.com

Image Credit: theweeklings.com

It has been a long-time dream of mine to be able to put up an art exhibit in a museum. I have prepared years for it; creating my collections with great passion and with high regards for the art that is photography. I worked hard to put up the money for it and I had to cover plenty of wedding shoots for the past years just so I could put up the perfect exhibit. I wanted it to be planned perfectly because the impression on the people who will get to see the photo exhibit will be the impression that they spread all over the world of photography. This debut exhibit will either make or break my name as a photographer.

I have been wanting to become a photographer ever since I was still a child. I got the talent and passion from my mother, who also liked to take photographs. However, she was already satisfied that here photos go up on the walls of the house. She did not yearn for higher grounds, for a bigger audience. I know she could have made it big if she did. But she said that when she thinks about making her works public, her thirst and passion to take more photographs dwindles. She is more happy and inspired to take pictures when she knows that we would love to hang it inside the house.

And so, I took it upon myself to dream bigger for my mother. I want her to be proud of me and I want her to know that she is my inspiration for everything that I have achieved to date.

Some people say I am mad for thinking that an exhibit of only wedding photos would attract many people. Yes, I hope that people would come and appreciate the work I did. Also, it will definitely increase my client list, because those that would be impressed would hopefully want to hire me, too. However, putting up the exhibit is not just for the financial aspect of photography. It is also for me to turn a dream into a reality.

This dream that I took upon myself for my mother, this dream that I never really thought I would have the chance to turn into a reality, this dream that would complete me as a professional photographer and as a passionate lover of beauty and arts, this is a dream that I would want to happen, even when only a few people came to see what I have done over the years I spent as a wedding photographer.

I know my dream will not be easy but at least now, I know that I can make it a reality. There really is a sweet fruit for hard work, passion and dedication.


Author: Peter Garr

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