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When it comes to weddings outside the church, the most common choice that couples dream of is a beach wedding.

Who would not want make vows in front of a beautiful sea, surrounded by the people you love, with the wind in your hair and the the sand making a beautiful mess in your specially tailored suit?

The sea represents eternity; with its vast water and seemingly endless possibilities, one would think that getting married in a beach is in itself a reassurance that you and your partner for life will be as endless.

As a wedding photographer, I have come to love the beach, too. My passion for photography kept me surrounded with the beauty of the sea. This is because, again, a lot of people really want to celebrate important life moments like weddings, on the beach.

I have been to lots of beaches all over the world. Of course, I have not reached all of them, but how I would love that, and how I hope that it becomes a reality someday, hopefully by taking more lovely photos of people who are in love and in bliss.

I could go on and talk about the many beaches I have been to, but I think that could go in a different posts. This time, I wish to share with you my hopes and dreams, thus, I will share two of the beaches that one day, I hope to get to, may  it be for a wedding photography gig, or for my own adventure and time.

Navagio Beach

This beach is located in Zakynthis island, Greece. It is a place only accessible by boat. This beach is a famous one in the whole of Greece, and you can easily spot it in Greece postcards. It is said that the beach is the home of a smuggler. It is breathtaking because of its limestone cliffs, clear blue waters and white sand. It is a place that thousands of tourist go to every year.

Golden Cape

Also known as Zlatni Rat, this beach is one of the many famous beaches that Europe offers the world. It is one of the most visited places in Croatia. You can find it near the city of Bol of the island of Brac. The amazing thing about this beach is that its shape is able to change depending on the tide, wind and current. It is a narrow white pebble beach names as one of the top ten beaches in the World in 2009.

These beaches are surely paradise for those wanting that perfect beach wedding, and of course, a breathtaking place to take photographs in. It would be more than lovely to see happy couples exchange vows at such lovely beaches.

Maybe someday one of my clients would tell me they will be having their weddings here, or maybe I would go on an adventure on my own. Whichever the case, I vow to reach these places someday, no matter what.

Author: Peter Garr

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